Our Services - Jacqueline Girard Footcare Clinic

Our services

On your first visit we establish a health profile with you. We then proceed with the the feet care according to identified needs. Do not hesitate to call for an appointment at 450 441-0364 or stop by our clinic.


The clinic is opened daily, Tuesday to Friday
Appointments also available in the evening

2 Footcare options are available:

1. Foot care @ 75$

  • A health status
  • We disinfect the foot
  • Cleaning of the cuticule and the side of the nails
  • Nails cutting
  • Thinning of the nails if necessary
  • Application of emollient on the corns and callosities
  • Reduction of the corns and callosities
  • We finish the care with a massage of the feet using a suitable Gehwol cream


A complete foot care appointment usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes


2. Mini cares (½ hour @ 50$) 

  • Nails cutting and thinning
  • Reduction of the corns only
  • Reduction of the callosities only